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Dida Club, inspires the creative imagination of kids.

Educational games, learning activities and access to an educational platform - all in one subscription. Designed for 7-8 year old kids.

Schedule a 15-minute call with us to introduce you to the Dida Club. Totally free.

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What does it include to be part of the Dida Club?

Every two months we deliver packages full of surprises to develop children's creative imaginations through play and fun.

Educational platform

Unlimited access to games, activities and exercises using teaching materials.

Covering the School Cycle 2021 - 2022

Educational contents are aligned with the educational plan.

Innovative Teaching Materials

Packages are sent to your address with surprising educational toys.

Subscription for 7-8 year old Kids.

Discover the Volume of a Cube

With our innovative materials your children learn while having fun.

Constant Entertainment

Through didactic exercises, your children develop problem-solving skills.

Logo Didaclub Horizontal.png

The most creative and fun –children's club.

Materials Included in the Subscription

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Everything your children need to complete their math classes and we send it to your home  free of charge.

  • ¿Dónde puedo descargar los catálogos de Didaplastic?
    Para descargar los catálogos de nuestras diferentes líneas, da click en la opción: Comprar Ahora > Catálogos
  • ¿Cuánto cuestan sus envíos a domicilio?
    Los envíos a toda la República mexicana son calculados con base a las paqueterías en convenio con Didaplastic®. Estos son los precios con base al monto de compra:
  • ¿Tienen precios de distribuidor?
    ¡Sí! Contamos con precios para distribuidor. Envíanos un correo a: Agendaremos una llamada contigo para conocer tu negocio. Te compartiremos una propuesta económica. Podrás vender nuestros materiales con precios de distribuidor.
  • ¿Cuentan con materiales para niños con capacidades diferentes?
    ¡Sí! Algunos de nuestros materiales los distribuimos a fundaciones e instituciones con niños y niñas de capacidades diferentes. Ponte en contacto con nosotros vía WhatsApp al (55) 5953 3754 o al correo;

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WhatsApp | (55) 5953 3754

Mexico City
(55) 8848 3540 Ext. 206

Shipping to the USA.

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