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The classic mathematical game for children from 1st level of primary school. 


With this didactic material the students will develop counting situations. They will be able to group and ungroup units, tens, hundreds and thousands.


With the help of teachers / parents, children / students will learn addition and subtraction with and without transformations. In addition to grouping and ungrouping decimal numbers and improving your reading comprehension of numbers.


Learn to use this game by clicking on this link.

Math Game The Cashier

SKU: DIE_463
    • 45 fichas de contar en azul

    • 40 fichas de contar en rojo

    • 30 fichas de contar en amarillo

    • 10 fichas de contar en verde

    • 2 dados de punto

    • 1 caja de plástico

  • Los materiales utilizados para fabricar nuestros productos fueron resinas 100% atóxicas, con altos estándares de calidad y libres de plomo. Todos nuestros materiales cuentan con 6 meses de garantía contra defectos de fabricación.

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